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Vehicle Emissions can affect your health BIG TIME!

According to the latest statistics on registration of new motor vehicles released by theDepartment of Motor Traffic, in 2012 there are 397,295 motor vehicles riding the streets of

Colombo. It’s safe to assume that the number would have risen ever since.

It’s quite alarming to see such a high number for a city that is quite small. This raises the

Question,” are all these vehicles diligently checked for carbon emissions?” Around the city there are

carbon emission test centres which measure the amount of emission your vehicles lets into the


So it’s up-to each motor vehicle owner to keep the emission levels in check. Read on to find out


What are vehicle emissions?

There are different types of gasses that your car releases while its engine is running, most of

these emissions poison the air, which in turn affects people living around heavy traffic areas.

Some of these gasses are known as carcinogens and they include carbon dioxide, nitrogen

oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, tiny particles of solids,

such as metal and soot.

Note that these emissions affect the environment and human health both directly and indirectly.

How does it affect the environment?

The air pollutants released by the car falls on the soil and surface waters. This seeps into the

food chain and affect the reproductive, respiratory, immune and neurological systems of

animals. In addition both Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are major contributors to acid rain!

How does it affect humans?

There are several studies that have found increased exposure to emissions in heavily motor

populated areas, to illnesses such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and

heart disease.

So be responsible for the health of others and your own by keeping your vehicle’s carbon

emission levels in check. Remember that if you fail to do so it will affect you and your family too!

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