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Take notes in style!

It’s a techy world out there, and you can clearly see this in the form of countless number ofpeople, both in Colombo and abroad, who walk around with their eyes glued to a digital screen.

Although there are several minus points associated with being a techy-addict (such as being

anti-social) there are a few bonus points. One bonus points for students studying abroad is

that classroom work has never been more fun, interaction, and more learner friendly. There

are countless educational apps for both Android users and Apple users that help make for an

effective learning environment for students, such as note taking.

There are several apps for note taking which allow the student to maximize their learning curve

and push the boundaries of their knowledge with ease.

In the box below you will find certain requirements that indicate an effective note taking app.

Following which are a few suggestions for note-taking apps for both Android and Apple users.

Simple and quick: The app needs to be quick to open and get to the point at which

you can start taking notes. Typing should be simple, without the need to work out

Complex margin settings and so on.

Organized: Most people take notes as part of some ongoing process. Ideally, the

system or app you use has a built-in format and flow for organizing your notes such

as the ability to create folders and subfolders.

Always available: Apps that have an accompanying website service and interface are

always a good choice. It helps to know that your notes are available in a common

location that every device supports.

Cloud storage and backup: Digital storage is simple these days. Don’t use an app that

uses the phone or tab as its primary storage location.

Search: A bonus is the capability to tag your notes with keywords and an effective

search function to find whatever you need easily.

Images, sketches, sharing and more: Your note-taking app should take advantage of

the capabilities it provides. It’s helpful to use that camera to add a quick picture of a

document or a whiteboard to your notes.

Sketch something in your note with your finger or stylus. Record a snippet of

important audio. E-mail your note to someone else who needs it, or even better,

share it so that groups of people can have access.


For both Apple and Android users:

• Evernote: Evernote has all the features you might want from a note-taking app. It excels

in organization, storing notes in notebooks that you can create and share, while allowing

you to add all types of digital content within your notes, including audio, images, and

even websites. Your account is also available from any device and through the Evernote

website itself.

• OneNote: The big advantage of OneNote is its full integration with Microsoft Office.

OneNote automatically syncs with Microsoft’s OneNote cloud-storage platform, so your

notes are accessible from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. When you want to

recall a note, the app’s search functionality can help you find it. And Android users can take

advantage of the OneNote widget to take notes right on their phone or tablet’s home screen

without opening the app.

• GNotes: GNotes is a simple, easy-to-use note-taking app that stands out for its ability to

sync your notes with your Gmail account. It supports speech-to-text and camera integration

so you can attach audio files, photos, videos and more. When you link the app to your

Google account, it will automatically create a new notes folder in your Gmail inbox. All

notes you create inside of GNotes will sync to Gmail, with multimedia files included as



For Apple users:

• iA Writer: iA Writer is a fantastic app for simple text editing but it’s text and only text.

One huge feature is a much-needed extended keyboard that adds keys for those simple

functions such as moving through text letter by letter or skipping through it word by word.

Dropbox and iCloud integration is provided as well, but organisation of notes is not very


• Noteability: Noteability enables you to create handwritten notes with your finger or a

Stylus, actual typing, drawings, audio, and images.

• Penultimate: Penultimate is an exclusive note-taking app for the stylus devotee. As

its name implies, the app’s functionality is centered around pen input so you can scribble

down notes. You can also use your finger or a capacitive stylus to take notes, and the app

features effective palm rejection so you won’t make any unwanted marks. Your notes can be

organized by topic, project or category, and the built-in search functionality can recognize

and locate printed words. Penultimate is also integrated with Evernote.


For Android users:

• Google Keep: Google Keep is an effective and simple app for creating notes and to-
do lists in a hurry. Just open the app and select from one of four input options: Type or

speak to add a quick note, enter items into a list, or snap a photo. All items are added as

cards on a pin board-style list, so you can survey your tasks and lists with just a glance.

An alarm can be added to any item as a reminder.

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