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Baby-proof your car with these tips!

Toys strewed around the car, food stains on the seat and colourful children’s books on the car seat

are common sights in a family car. Having a clean environment with children around is not an easy

task, just like keeping your child safe! Here are a few tips on how to baby proof your car, so that all

You have to worry about is making tough stains vanish!

Install a baby seat: If you have a baby in the family it’s always best to get a baby seat even if one

member of the family is free to hold the kid. Make sure you get a seat that fits the child. Also select

the ideal location for the baby seat, according to experts the back seat is the best option. Ensure the

child is securely fastened in by threading the seat belt through the car seat’s belt path, this ensures a

secure grid lock.

Keep car stuff in the boot: Try not to keep cleaning products and chemicals where the child is

seated. This applies to small non-toxic objects too.

Keep the child lock on at all times: When you are travelling in the car make sure that the safety

lock is on at all times. It’s also advised that you don’t rely on safety locks entirely to keep your child

inside the car. Try not to leave your child in the car unattended, especially if the key is in the ignition.

Extend this concern for child lock to the boot of your car too, and make sure that it has a trunk

safety release as an extra precaution.

Keep them distracted: If your child takes away your attention from the road often, then instal things

that will keep your child distracted. Remember driving with half your attention on the road is equally

dangerous. Some of the ways you can create a distraction is by giving them their toys, a book to

read, or playing a movie for those who have that facility in the car.

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